Company Profile
The company is the prominent manufacturer, processor, exporter and supplier of HERBS, SEEDS, SPICES, AGRICULTURAL PRODUCTS, NUTS, DRY FRUITS & ROCK SALT (HIMALAYAN SALT). We procure only best products from our trusted vendors. Owing to which we are acknowledged for consistent quality all over Asia, Middle East, America, Europe, North Africa and many more. We believe in providing our customers with absolute flawless products, packed with high precision so that they retain their original taste and aroma during transit period.
Business Type Manufacturer, Processor, Exporter and Supplier
Primary Competitive Advantages
  • Cater Quality Products
  • Optimum Range of Products
  • Wide Distribution Network
  • In-house R&D Facilities for Quality Control

Year of Establishment 1983
Product Range Herbs
  • Licorice Roots(Malethi) / Liquorice Roots- Origin:Afghanistan
  • Gugal Gum (Mukul Comiphora) - Origin:Pakistan
  • Alkanet Roots (Ratanjoth)- Origin:Afghanistan
  • Unab (Zuzube) - Origin:Afghanistan, Iran
  • Maju Phal (Galnut) - Origin:Iran
  • Safflower (Carthamus tinctorius) - Origin:Iran
  • Dry Neelofar (Nymphaea alba)- Origin:Pakistan
  • Lasora (Cordia myxa) - Origin:Pakistan
  • Kapur Kachri (Hedychium Spicatum) - Origin:India
  • Harad (Terminalia chebula) - Origin:India
  • Harad Chilka (Broken Shell) - Origin:India
  • Black Himej (Myrobalan) - Origin:India
  • Kasni(Cichorium) - Origin:India
  • Khatmi (Althea Officinalis) - Origin:India
  • Khubbaji - Origin:India
  • Nisoth (Operculina Turpethum) - Origin:Iran
  • Nakhuna (Trifolium Indicum) - Origin:Iran
Seeds and Spices
  • Basil Seeds(Tukhme Reyan) - Origin:Afghanistan
  • Carom Seeds (Ajwain) - Origin:Pakistan
  • Cumin Seeds (Zeera) - Origin:Afghanistan, Iran, Pakistan, India
  • Black Pepper (Kali Mirch) - Origin:Vietnam, Brazil
  • Dil Seeds (Suwa) - Origin:Pakistan
  • Small Cardamom - Origin: Guatemala
  • Cloves (Laving) - Origin:Madagascar, Indonesia Brazil
Nuts and Dry Fruits
  • Pine Nuts(In-shell roasted and kernel)- Origin:Afghanistan, Pakistan
  • Dry Figs- Origin:Afghanistan
  • Dry Apricot- Origin:Afghanistan
  • Black Raisins- Origin:Afghanistan
  • Green Raisins- Origin:Afghanistan
  • Yellow Raisins-Origin:Afghanistan
  • Golden Raisins(Abjosh) - Origin:Afghanistan
  • Pistachio Mazari Kernel (Peshawri)- Origin:Afghanistan
  • Pistachio Hirati Kernel- Origin:Afghanistan
  • Pistachio Tajiki Kernel- Origin:Afghanistan
  • Walnut Whole and Kernel- Origin:Afghanistan, Pakistan
  • Afghan Almonds- Origin:Afghanistan
  • American Almond NPS, NPX, Carmal, Montry etc.
  • American Almond In Shell All Varieties
  • Pistachio Irani- Fandoqui, Kallaqouchi, Ahmed Aghaee, Akbari etc.- Origin:Iran
Other Products
  • Dates- Origin:Pakistan
  • Wet Date- Origin:Pakistan
  • Fresh Date- Origin:Pakistan
  • Pitted Date- Origin:Pakistan
  • Bleached Dry Dates- Origin:Pakistan
  • Dry Dates- Origin:Pakistan
  • Pitted Dates- Origin:Pakistan
  • Chopped Dates- Origin:Pakistan
  • Moong Beans- Origin:Pakistan/Uzbekistan
  • Mooth Beans- Origin:Pakistan